Natural Holiday Fragrance Tips

Just because it’s too cold to open the windows for some fresh air, doesn’t mean you have to spend the winter months sniffing stale 02, or worse yet, toxic chemicals from store-bought air fresheners, commercial plug-ins, and scented candles. You should always be conscientious about the products you are using. Though they may seem harmless, you could be exposing yourself to any number of dangerous contaminants.

This is one of the many reasons why Gateway Green has teamed up with Tru Blooms Chicago. It’s a first-of-its-kind, natural and locally made perfume extracted from flowers grown and harvested in Chicago. And now through December 31st, Tru is not only offering Gateway Green supporters 15% off all perfume purchases, but also donating 10% of all proceeds from online orders back to Gateway Green! To place an order, just go to and enter the promo code: “GATEWAY”. It’s a great deal for a great cause. Plus, how many people can honestly say they have a perfume made right in their own backyard?!

Speaking of which, if you’re looking for safer, more sustainable fragrances to enjoy around your home, try these simple tips. They’re naturally pleasant and sure to put you in the holiday spirit!

1. House plants add a decorative touch, but they also serve to purify the air in our homes.

2. DIY Scented Water

In just a matter of minutes, you can create your own delightful aromas by combining a few basic ingredients straight from your kitchen shelves.

3. Pomander Balls

Always a festive way to “spice” up the holidays, pomander balls make great gifts and smell delicious too!

4. Wreaths

There’s much history behind the tradition of wreaths. The ancient Romans used to use decorative wreaths as a sign of victory. Today, not only are they festive symbols of hope, but they give off great smells as well.

5. Natural Candle Alternatives–  Although candles are known for being sensual and calming, their contents can be viciously contradictory to their outward appearance, from synthetic fragrances, which are toxic when burned to parafins, which release carcinogens in addition to soot and smoke that can damage your home. Despite all this, their luminosity tends to create an ambiance quite hard to resist. To lessen your carbon footprint, choose candles made with natural essential oils and soy-based wax or bees wax. But make sure the label reads 100% bees wax; a candle only needs to contain 51 percent beeswax to be labeled as a beeswax candle.

If you’re looking to go even greener, try recycling your leftover candle wax.

6. Bake

Jimmy John’s may be on to something with their “free smells” motto. From fresh bread to homemade cookies, the sweet and delectable smells from a little holiday baking are a sure fire way to leave your home feeling warm and inviting. Just make sure you don’t leave anything in the oven too long (for the sake of your sweet tooth and that home-sweet-home smell).

Not only do these techniques smell great, but they make you feel great too! Your home will feel more welcoming and inviting than it ever has, and the best part is that these techniques require hardly any effort at all!

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