"When we put our name on that Expressway Partnership sign, it says we are proud to be part of the community."

Joe Gregoire

PNC Bank, President and CEO for Illinois Banking

"Chicago Gateway Green is a unique opportunity to be out there with your brand, supporting a great cause. Our city has never looked better. Why wouldn't we want to be a part of that?"

Larry Wert

NBC-5 Chicago, President and General Manager

"Chicago Gateway Green's Expressway Partnership is like an adopt-a-highway program…but on steroids."

Christy Webber

Christy Webber Landscapes

Chicago Gateway Green’s work in greening and beautification began through the partnership of Chicagoans dedicated to improving the city and its quality of life. Today, our work is possible through the hard work and collaboration of many public and private partners.

Partner with us to create visible results and maximize your impact.