Volunteer FAQs

How do I become a volunteer? Gateway Green utilizes an online volunteer management system – www.gatewaygreen.volunteerhub.com. Once you create a volunteer profile, you will be able to register for events as they become available. 

Is there an application process to become a volunteer? The only application is filling out a volunteer profile on Volunteer Hub. CGG reserves the right to permanently remove volunteers from the database after a negative volunteer experience.

What are typical volunteer duties at events? Volunteers help in a variety of ways at CGG’s events. The earliest shift includes putting together gift bags and helping with general setup of the event. Once the event starts, volunteers greet guests, assist with registration, and check in media personnel. Volunteers can also help in the gaming tent. You will be able to pick your shift when you register to volunteer on Volunteer Hub.

Why are you asking for my Social Security Number? CGG’s two main events, Gaming for Green and Green Tie Ball, both feature gaming aspects. In order to comply with charitable gaming regulations, CGG must submit SSN and other volunteer information to Illinois Department of Revenue. If you are not comfortable submitting this information, please email volunteers@gatewaygreen.org. 

How do I know when registration has opened for a specific event? Once you have created a volunteer profile, you will receive an email when a new event has been posted to Volunteer Hub. Volunteer shifts fill up quickly, so register promptly after receiving the notification!

Can I register a group of coworkers, friends, etc? Yes! CGG loves to work with large groups of volunteers. Please email volunteers@gatewaygreen.org to register a group of more than 5. 

Can I enjoy the event before and after my shift? Yes! All volunteers receive complimentary admission into the event. While CGG wants volunteers to enjoy themselves, we ask that volunteers wait to indulge in alcoholic beverages until after their shifts.

How long are shifts? Shifts range from 2-4 hours.

Is there a fee to volunteer? No, volunteers do not pay anything, and you receive complimentary admission to the event for which you are volunteering.